"Coil Cap" Demo

The video below is the best example of how to use the "Coil Cap". Here are some additional pointers.

1. 14 should have a course grind and no pack for best results
2. 1 minute heat soak is recommended. The lower the temp the longer the heat soak. The 18mm can due with a little longer than a minute heat soak.
3. I use 500F for the 14mm and 550F for the 18mm
4. Set the clips as seen in the video. The coil should be centered on the heater. But pay special attention to the top clip and make sure that it is far enough below the curve that it cant slip off. There will be new clips with more surface area in the future. I have been using the current clips without issue for months. Just use a little extra care and check them before starting your pid each day.
5. If you satrt without a heat soak, it will naturally temp step up with each hit. This technique can be used to lengthen your session. You can also have long sessions by running low temps. 


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