The TRWW Story

Hi, Im David, the owner of The Rogue Wax Works. I have been a lifelong cannabis enthusiast. I kicked combustion in 2018 and now exclusively dab and vape. My first vaporizer, the ill fated Haze Square, came with some cool little tools. My passion for tools was sparked. 

TRWW has been a journey. A progression. I have a drive to always be creating, trying new things. Constantly working to improve the product and production techniques. I strive to create a product and buying experience that would meet my expectations, if I were the customer. 

All the tools are hand crafted, or hand made by me. I love making these tools and being part of this international community of stoners. TRWW has given me a vehicle to express myself creatively, build a brand and business and meet amazing people all over the world who share a passion for all things cannabis.

In the end its all about you. Your support has made TRWW possible. I look forward to bringing you new and innovative tools and products