Vaporizer Reviews

  • The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

    Please be advised that the Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap is loose on the tip. The "Ripper" is best used in a vertical position. The "Sippe...
  • Nameless Conduction Vape

  • The Terpcicle

  • The Glass & Quartz Cap

    For best results, medium to course grind, light tamp    
  • The Terpedo

    Tutorial video
  • The SmokeStack (home made Elev8r)

    Still my daily driver. The pictures and videos pretty much explain it all. 
  • Firewood 7

    I have had this vape for maybe a week and I'm really impressed. I don't know anything about their past offerings but so far this vape is a winner.I...
  • Prrl Labs Neo

    Picked up this Prrl Labs Neo. Its an interesting device.First off, its really well made and very sleek looking. It has a very simple user interface...