Prrl Labs Neo

Picked up this Prrl Labs Neo. Its an interesting device.

First off, its really well made and very sleek looking. It has a very simple user interface that requires no learning.

I first tried the Neo with a few different standard combustion bowls with varying success. After reading some tips on FC I settled on putting a screen in the fitting of an 18mm J Hook. This proved to be the best setup.

There is definitely a learning curve with the Neo. First its important to preheat your device and the bowl. After that you give it a few puffs to get it going before taking a real pull. These are the actual instructions from Prrl, and they work.

This is not a smoke machine, but produces amazing flavor and excellent extraction. It is not a push button vape like the TM. It has a specific technique and ritual that makes it shine.

All in all a unique and enjoyable device. The one thing I would like to see is for it to include a purpose built glass bong bowl.


  • Jerry made a comment on YouTube that after a session with the makers of the Neo he understood the device better: they like a pass the glass session with friends. But IMHO that would be difficult with its learning curve since this is entirely on-demand heating. And the bigger problem is that you must have a very tight seal to the bowl so you have to use the silicone connector and even then it’s iffy. If someone made a reasonably priced screened glass bowl that fit without silicone, that would be save lots of these units from the back of the shelf.

  • So…..someone gifted me a new Neo. Where on your site do I buy the products that make this vape not suck like I do with many other vapes. I guess I’ll start with an 18mm j hook and screen. You should make a screened bowl that is just as good as the $80 Purr Glass Neo bowl and sell it for 5% of competitors. Like you do with the awesome Dynavap intercoolers and the dimpled TinyMight stems/WPA’s you carry. Even if you just create the product for me alone. That’s fine.

  • Hi, I keep thinking about your tools and glass and wood stems—so affordable, yet also highly useful. I’ve also thought about the Prrl Neo. Is it powerful enough? Someone at Troy and Jerry’s chat said it wasn’t heavy enough. I was hoping it would be like the Terp Torch but safer…?

    Lee Mortensen/pomogirl

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