Firewood 7

I have had this vape for maybe a week and I'm really impressed. I don't know anything about their past offerings but so far this vape is a winner.

It is a conduction heavy hybrid that runs on a single removable 18650 battery. I believe the heater and bowl are ceramic and the screen is part of the heating system and will be self cleaning. It has three preset temps that are user programmable.

Its well made and simple to disassemble. It has an integrated glass mp with all ceramic or glass airpath. Mine is unfinished walnut. The vaporpath seems well insulated from the electronics.

I would describe this as a session vape. I found the best results finishing a bowl in 3-5 hits with a stir just before the last hit.

To take a hit, you press the button. You first get a number of buzzez indicating what temp setting you are on then when it is at temp it buzzez once. My understanding is that the heater continues to get hotter as you press the button. When the button is released it buzzez a few times to let you know when it is cooled off. Heat up time is very quick.

The vapor quality is excellent. I settled on 350 and get nice clouds from first to last hits. It produces thick tasty vapor with the intense flavor that conduction vapes are known for in those first few hits. But with the FW7 the taste does not then drop off drastically. It stays very nice. I only stir, if at all, before the last hit just to finish it off. I'm heavy on the button but at that temp I'm never afraid to combust.

There is a cooling stem mod and a WPA mod that are available. I have the WPA mod and it works very well. I have the stock small mp and I felt it adaquetly cooled the vapor.

I also recently got the Tiny Might, and even though they are different in design, I think it is a great comparison to the FW7. The FW7 is a powerhouse capable of blasting through a bowl in 2-4 hits with great flavor.



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