Demo video if you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing a TRWW Quartz Vape

The video will discuss all the models of Quartz Vape and give tips and tricks to getting the most out of your TRWW Quartz vape.

Device capacities: Quartz Cap 14mm/Terpedo - .2g, Terpcicle - .4g, Quartz Cap 18mm - .5g, Megacicle/Quartz Cap Mega - .7g

Medium to course grinds work best. Loose fill in the 14mm Quartz Cap,  Terpedo and Terpcicle 

Screen Removal - Screens can most easily be removed when the stem is warm. Best to use something pointy to hook it and pull it out 

Please watch Lees video on preheating the bowl. This technique works really well and I have adopted it with all my devices -



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