The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

Please be advised that the Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap is loose on the tip. The "Ripper" is best used in a vertical position. The "Sipper" just needs to be tilted up so it does not slide off. Due to this looseness, the airflow is greatly improved. But, you can find the sweet-spot for airflow by turning your stem while hitting it until the CC fids that perfect spot on the tip. Due to this and the fact that it will be a lot easier to draw from, I suggest users try the Sipper with a stem with a closed or no carb

Dip N Sip Method - Sipper

Looser pack, heat with a triple on medium, or a single for 10-20 seconds or until the flame coming off the quarts starts to turn orange. Take a few puffs and taste the flavor! Add heat in 5-10 second reheats as needed



 One Hit Extraction Method - Ripper

Looser pack, heat with a triple on medium low for 30-40 seconds or single for 40-60. Look for the herb to start to turn brown around the edges then give it a second. It will take trial and error to learn your torch. If you start with less heat you can always finish your bowl by adding heat. Reheats take 10-20 seconds


Using the Cap and the "Convection Cap" - Ripper

Place the larger "Convection Cap" on a stock Vapcap Cap. Heat as usual, it works the same way and you will her the click. Higher on the cap is cooler, lower is hotter

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