Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" - Vape Only
Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" - Vape Only

Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" - Vape Only

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The Vaponic went to the gym, got jacked on roids and emerged the "Terpedo"

Based on the Vaponic design, the Terpedo can deliver amazing flavor and big clouds. Go low temp and extract all those delicate terpenes. Add some heat and kick up those clouds!

The Terpedo is all glass and can be used without a screen for the purest of experiences

This is the base unit. Its a 14mm male joint that can be used by itself as an MP or paired with a water pipe, J Hook or one of our cooling stems. Please see other listings for full kits with MPs

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Super vaporisateur à briquet. Facile d utilisation et peu onéreux.

Austin E.
Not a perfect vape, but a very fun tool

I wouldn't use this every day because it's a bit fiddly to get exactly the right temperature you're going for. Also tends to go through weed and I keep burning it trying to hit that sweet spot for max vapor production. Flavor is the best I've experienced from vaping and I get absolutely wrecked from this. Full extraction in one heat cycle is pretty normal too, which rocks. Pretty easy to clean because the outside doesn't really get dirty. Plug up half the inner piece, pour in some isopropyl alcohol, cover, shake vigorously, and it's clean!

I think this is a pretty incredible device for the price. I'll be bringing it out for special occasions or to really experience the flavor of some flower. This isn't going to be my daily driver, but it's sure fun to get out and play with.

jeffrey grubb
Awesome vape

This is my favorite vaporizer that you make. Awesome vape

Sean R.

Fantastic vape, since it showed up its become my main vape, over my solo 2, pax 3 and dynavap. I have pretty limited vaping experience as I just switched from concentrates to vaping flower and I will say a full bowl out of the terpedo can honestly be almost as intense if not as intense as a dab for me and I just switched from concentrates to flower after doing strictly concentrates for over a year as a daily smoker. That being said the vape is worth every penny its like a dynavap with a 2 to 3x larger bowl I would estimate. Its not necessarily easy to know when to stop heating compared to a device like the dynavap, but I've found a good rule of thumb is when the flame thats hitting the glass starts to get red you should probably stop and I've only combusted on accident once or twice this way. Its not a difficult to use device but its not as grab and go as say an electronic vape and its not as portable due to size of the vape and because of it being glass. The terpedo is great through water pieces, though I will say heating without the a cooling stem can feel a bit scary I'd be interested in a version that has a longer inner piece by maybe an inch or two to make it safer/easier to heat if you aren't using a cooling stem. You definitely won't regret picking up a terpedo though it's fantastic and might I say very efficient and effective :)

Terpedo is Terpelicious!!! 👅🥴

This is my first all glass TED and it has taken me to the next level! I've been using a Dynavap since 2018, building a "lego collection" of glass. The Terpedo is now my exciting evening go to and the Dynavap a pleasant night cap. Watch the YouTube video and follow the heating tips, especially flame strength and timing. Thank you so much Dave!!! 👍👍⭐️