JH02 18mm J Hook

JH02 18mm J Hook

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18mm Borosilicate glass J Hook. These J Hooks are very well made and sturdy. They work great with any 18mm adapter or bowl

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Adorable but kind of impractical

It's a fun way to use the smokestack but, at least for the shape of my face, it would be better off a little longer and lower so I could see the bowl. Very tasty way to do it and not nearly as hot and harsh as I expected this to be considering how adorably small it is!

Great piece, great value.

It was smaller than I was expecting (for some reason 😅), but quickly became one of my favorite pieces. Great for vape flavor and making edibles with the condensation.

I do a Mexican style hot chocolate with mine. Tastes great :).

Smudgy but spectacular.

This Jhook is wonderful. The shape makes for a very easy pull. I know, "a pipe is a pipe" right? Not here. The shape is very well designed. And the angle of the mouthpiece spreads the vapor over your tongue as you inhale, just enough to give you good flavor without creating a hot spot on your tongue. That wouldn't be a real concern anyway though, because this thing cools vapor so much that it actually feels cold. Weirdest thing, it's like inhaling fresh air on a winters day. Awesome.
The j hook itself looks very elegant and seems relatively sturdy.

My only complaints are, I'd like it to come with a stand, I'd like it to be a bit thicker, and, the glass smudges easily during use. All in all, for the price I think this is about as good as it gets. You probably won't find a comparable j hook, unless you spend a *lot* more money.

Kanealii Takahashi
Great piece

It cools down the hits, but I put some water in it to make it a bubbler and it works surprisingly well.

Dave Cantell
Great taster.

It looks like a 2 stroke exhaust without the rust. The narrow mouthpiece directs the flavor right at your tongue. Handy for testing with Rogue's other implements of elevation.