09 Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" Quartz
09 Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" Quartz

09 Conduction/Convection - The "Terpedo" Quartz

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The Terpedo now comes with a quartz heater

The Vaponic went to the gym, got jacked on roids and emerged the "Terpedo"!!!

Based on the Vaponic design, the Terpedo can deliver amazing flavor and big clouds. Go low temp and extract all those delicate terpenes. Add some heat and kick up those clouds!

The Terpedo is all glass and quartz and can be used without a screen for the purest of experiences

Best if used with a cooling stem or water pipe. 14mm connection

Demo Video:


Device Capacities: Quartz Cap 14mm/Terpedo - .2g, Terpcicle - .4g, Quartz Cap 18mm - .5g, Megacicle/Quartz Cap Mega - .7g

Customer Reviews

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Garrett Bamer
Works great

Definitely a leaning curve but is a very efficient vaporizer. Best used at a table or with 2 people. Great way to try a thick vapor producing device without spending a lot.

Dietmar Bacher
Unfortunately still waiting for it.

Still waiting for my shipment.

Thomas Cronk
When it works

When it works it's great. Has a habit of compression the weed and clogging when Drawing on .

Philippe Habib
So tasty

Had been looking for a Vaponic type vape with a bigger bowl and this one fits the bill. Works so well and like all glass vapes, super tasty.

Great clouds and no risk of the heater falling off!

The terpcicle may be the evolution of the terpedo but every piece has its place. I love this thing because I can use my nectar collector/terp slurper with it (it has a percolator but needs to stay inverted to work) and no risk of the heater falling off. The unground joint is a nice touch. Tastes amazing, cloudy too. Narrower chamber for slightly tighter dosing than the terpcicle. Like an extended dyna chamber. Just use a little patience when removing the heater until the rubber o-rings become a bit more pliable from use.