DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap
DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap
DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

DV02 The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

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The Quartz "Convection Cap" for the Vapcap

The Quartz "Convection Cap" opens up airflow like never before. Whether you want to temp step for amazing flavor, or finish a bowl in one hit, the "Convection Caps" can get it done. 

The larger 2mm "Ripper" is the tool for "One N Done". The smaller 1.25mm "Sipper" is for flavor chasing and temp stepping

Sale includes one of each size. Only the 2 Quartz "Convection Caps" included in the sale

Best used in an upright/perpendicular position. Please watch the demo videos



Customer Reviews

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Martin Hernach

Thx i am Happy with my order

I use this small with the M 2021 and xl7


Smokey Joe

The product and service are both exceptional. Totally changes the experience for such a low cost. Couldn’t recommend more.

Benjamin Sherwood
Quarts Convection Caps

I've been using these for like weeks on my M7XL. The sipper is awesome! One heat up and I get 3 or 4 nice, tasty rips from a full bowl. If you are standing in front of a mirror ypu can watch as the flower turns from green to dark brown or almost black! The ripper I haven't took the time to dial in though. Combusted once and immediately went back to the sipper. Imo, the sipper does pretty good at 1he on its own. You can put the ripper over your dynavap cap to act like a fmj but I haven't tried yet...

Tyler Swysgood
Pleasantly surprised

I wasn't sure what to expect from these as im new to dry herb vaping, but these absolutely took my dynavaps too the next level as far as flavor goes. I use them standalone without a cap and heat until the bud changes color and then pull. Got me off combustion.

Just got it, already love it.

Smooth hits, lots of vapor, just right AVB. Slight learning curve but that is with all vapes. I like it a lot and it’s very affordable alternative. Thank you, honestly.