03 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega
03 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega

03 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega

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The Quartz Cap is what you get when a Vapcap and a Vaponic have a baby

Amazing flavor and face melting clouds is what you can expect from this simple little device.

Load some herb in the stem, put the cap on, then heat it like a vapcap with a dab torch. Air is pulled up from the bottom and heated as it passes between the hot glass.

The Quartz Cap Mega is the largest in the Quartz Cap lineup. The Mega takes the conduction up a notch

Deluxe Kit includes a stand and tongs

Intended to be used with a cooling stem or water pipe

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Customer Reviews

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Great device!

I get more taste on this than I do my ball vape and it hits just as hard if you want it to. Very happy with my purchase!😁

Jason Jones
Amazing vaporizer

Just got and used the quartz cap mega deluxe package.. I was blown away by how effective it was. The bowl capacity is enormous with a nice glass screen that does a good job on its own preventing fall through. I am a heavy user and hitting this felt really satisfying. I am happy to have a vaporization option that competes with my usual combustion style. So inexpensive, clean and simple to use. Can't wait to cook with my left over ABV

Retired my ball vape

Yup, I no longer use my zeal ball vape because this one slaps just as hard, but the taste. Oh my glass. All glass vapor path lets you really taste the dessert strains.

Stop reading and get one. If you already have similar devices but not with the capacity of the mega, get one. If you already have one, get another because you know you're a clutz.

Greetings from the Planet Neptune

Grab a big butane torch (seriously, little ones work but there's a lot of surface area to cover and it takes way too long), don its space helmet, put ice in the water and put on a good song because you're about to get a very strong liftoff. The clouds it can make will dazzle your friends, "I can't believe that gigantic ghost in the sky is not smoke!" they'll say. Feels like a magic trick, but it's very real.

Drop in a little nugget to act as a screen, use a waterpipe, and you're good to go. I could write more about how great Buzz Lightyear is here, but it's hard to rehash "fantastic buy" much more. Only thing I want to say: don't bother using soft flames like a Zippo, candle, or hemp wick. I experimented and could barely get it hot enough for a microscopic hit, while covering the whole thing in soot and going through a foot of wick. Saying that only to save you the heartache, bring butane, buddies.

TRWW Quartz Cap Mega appreciation (and a little tifu)

Not new to vaping...have enjoyed an Arizer Solo II and an XQ2 for some time now, but have always liked the look and concept of the TRWW devices. I indulged and ordered the Quartz Cap Mega which arrived earlier this week and holy effin' crapola it was like rediscovering weed. The control you have after a short learning curve, the quality of the vapour (holy flavour bomb!) and the size/thickness of the hits it can produce without combusting are just top notch. It quickly became my daily driver.

Unfortunately I had to turn the XQ2 back on this evening after dropping and breaking the bowl and connector, just out of stupidity and not being attentive enough. The quartz cap was resting safely in it's cooling spot and it unscathed, thankfully. Already have my replacements ordered...fingers crossed for their quick and safe delivery to me here in the Great White North.

If you've ever wondered if it's worth it, my humble and honest opinion is that it absolutely is. I'm a BIG fan after a few days and was most disappointed I have to wait to experience that level of cannappreciation again.