04 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega - Megacicle Edition
04 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega - Megacicle Edition

04 Conduction/Convection - Quartz Cap Mega - Megacicle Edition

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The Quartz Cap is what you get when a Vapcap and a Vaponic have a baby

Amazing flavor and face melting clouds is what you can expect from this simple little device.

Load some herb in the stem, put the cap on, then heat it like a vapcap with a dab torch. Air is pulled up from the bottom and heated as it passes between the hot glass.

The Quartz Cap Mega is the largest in the Quartz Cap lineup. The Mega takes the conduction up a notch

Deluxe Kit includes a stand and tongs

Intended to be used with a water pipe or J Hook. All connections are 14mm

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Device Capacities: Quartz Cap 14mm/Terpedo - .2g, Terpcicle - .4g, Quartz Cap 18mm - .5g, Megacicle/Quartz Cap Mega - .7g

Customer Reviews

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Ruben Croft
Best flavor, cumulonimbus clouds,

Best TED on the market no doubt.

Daniel Witherspoon
Above and Beyond

Not only does TRWW sell an outstanding product but the customer service is next level above and beyond! I'd buy from them a hundred times over.

(also the 03 and 04 are almost identical in form and are identical in function. Check the review/demos tab of the website for comparison pics)


This thing slaps 5/7 perfect score

Matthew Maynor
They weren’t kidding when they named this thing the Mega

Wowzers, calling this a vape would almost undersell how effective this device is. I have to applaud the brilliance and simplicity for such a powerful tool for smoking. I would probably enjoy this product more if I was able to also get the tongs that are made for it to stir the bowl and safely remove the cap (gotta do a whole song and dance to not burn the stew out of my fingers) but it is absolutely worth any effort to use this thing as instructed. I am very interested to check out other products from RGW, because i am more impressed with this piece than any device or tool i’ve boughten since my first convection heater (Dynavap). If you want to get bong ripped off of a small amount of flower, this is for you. P.S. you can pqck almost a whole gram into this thing, and smoking a half bowl got me so high, that my clothes became uncomfortable, so i’d start real slow and low, and use the straw method to pack it.
Thank you for an incredible purchase. Best vape under $50-100 hands down.

Philip Conard
Enjoyable. light learning curve

I am happy with my purchase. I enjoy the flavor that is produced.